MagoNode enabled structural health monitoring systems


The MagoNode platform is based on the Atmel Atmega128RFA1 which is a 8-bit, 16Mhz System-On-Chip (SoC) 802.15.4 compliant with 128KB of ROM, 16KB of RAM and with outstanding transceiver performance: 103.5dB link budget, a current consumption of 12.5mA in RX and 14.5mA in TX @+3.5dBm. Based on our experience in the B1 testbed deployment, we decided to provide, on the MagoNode platform, a very efficient RF front-end designed by Texas Instruments, the CC2590, which is able to increase the output power of the transceiver up to +14dBm and increase the RX gain by 12dB. The efficiency of the RF front-end allows the MagoNode to sensibly increase the radio range with compared to the previously used TelosB platform, but still containing the overall power consumption as demonstrated by the following comparison table:


  Telosb MagoNode

Texas Instruments




Architecture 16bit 8bit
Speed 8Mhz 16Mhz
Rom 48KB 128KB
Ram 10KB 16KB
Transceiver TI CC2420 Integrated

Current consumption

Radio IDLE

20.8 mA 16.9 mA

Current consumption

Radio RX

22.4 mA 14.4 mA

Current consumption

Radio TX

19.1 mA @ 0dBm 27.7 mA @ 10dBm


The MagoNode has been designed as an OEM module which allows the MagoNode to be easily soldered on application specific boards making the design very robust and more efficient.
The first commercial product derived from the MagoNode platform is represented by the MagoNode MultiSensor Board which is able to interface different sensor families used in structural health monitorinig applications, i.e., current loop sensors, resistive sensors, voltage-based sensors and vibrating wire strain gauges. The board provides high energy efficiency and high data readings accuracy thanks to the presence of a 24-bit ADC, high-precision reference voltage and instrumentation amplifier. Redesign of the Rome Underground system based on in field experience – the MagoNode and the new multisensor interfaces.

The MagoNode platformA sensor board exampleThe first sensorboard prototype for the MagoNode platform